ESTA Online Application for Greek Citizens

For your stay to be valid in the United States, you need to apply for an ESTA. Here is a comprehensive, step by step process to apply for an ESTA.




Before delving into the process, here are some guidelines you need to follow before application:


  • Applications should be submitted at least 72 hours before departure to the U.S. This means you need to allot a time to prepare for your ESTA. But do not risk applying on that 72-hour deadline. Make sure you apply a week ahead since there might be problems that you or their office might encounter.
  • Denied ESTA applicants can still apply for a B2 Tourist Visa or B1 Business Visa. This does not revoke your eligibility for another ESTA application. You are then going to need to apply for a non-immigrant visa
  • An approved ESTA can be withdrawn at any time. Officers in charge with prior notice can revoke admission to the U.S. ESTA.




The application for ESTA is made online. You need to prepare the following documents:


  • Your biographic information, name, contact details, ID number, and so on
  • Travel information
  • Credit card information


As soon as you have them, visit this website. Answer the application truthfully. Any hint of falsified information may deny your ESTA request. The application has ten parts:


  • Applicant’s Information
  • Parents – Biological, Adoptive, Step Parent or Guardian
  • Contact Information
  • Passport Information
  • Emergency Contact in or Outside the United States
  • Travel Information
  • Employment Information
  • Traveler Information
  • Waiver of Rights
  • Terms & Conditions.


Once you have finished filling out the form, you are to check the Terms and Conditions below. Click, Review, and Confirm Data. Review your data thoroughly as it could be a problem if there are any discrepancies


Once that has been reviewed and confirmed, you are to proceed in the payment screen. Esta applications only accept modes of payment from these credit companies:


  • Master Card
  • VISA
  • American Express
  • Discover (JCB, Diners Club)




If you did not make any payment, then you’re ESTA application will not be reviewed. You need to input your billing details before you can end. Make sure you have a steady connection when paying. After the payment screen, your application will be placed in “pending.” Hit Refresh after a few seconds or minutes to check if it gets “approved.” If it says ‘denied,’ then apply for a non-immigrant visa instead.




Staying in the United States require you to apply for an ESTA. Apply now, to have your stay or arrival in the States hassle-free.

Perfect Urban Vacation

How To Have the Perfect Urban Vacation

Perfect Urban Vacation

Suppose you’re planning a trip to another country, but you’re not exactly the type of person who likes beaches. You would much rather prefer seeing the city and what it has to offer. Don’t fret, because even if you don’t go to the beach, you can still have as much fun as someone who went on a tropical vacation. Here’s how you can make the most out of an urban environment.

Visit Famous Tourist Destinations

Let’s say you applied for a βιζα για αμερικη and decided to visit New York or Las Vegas, for example. One of the things you can do first is to look for spots that tourists seem to frequent in the city. Some notable examples are the Empire State Building in the USA, the Eiffel Tower in France, and the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Hong Kong. Those spots are sure to be feasts for your eyes and phone gallery.

Check Out The Local Food Places

Every country’s main city is a place where you can fine various commercial establishments. You can stroll around and try out the food that restaurants are offering. Research on what the best food to eat in every destination is to make the most out of your visit. You can also ask around regarding the most well-known restaurant in the area so that you’ll have some experiences and stories to bring home to your country.

Relax In A Decent Hotel

Part of your urban vacation experience will be the place you will stay in. The hotels in the city offer different activities for their guests’ as well. It’s like having a mini vacation inside the building! Choose a hotel that has comfortable rooms, outstanding service, and great food. Some hotels also offer tours and transfers as part of their services. Not only will you have a good night’s sleep, you’ll also get to experience the best that the city has to offer.

Go Club Or Bar Hopping

Once you’re done touring the city, you can spend the last hours of the day having a drink at the city’s clubs and bars. Those are usually situated along the same strip, so you’ll have no problem finding them. If you’re the type of person who likes to party, look for rave spots where you can dance with other locals and tourists. If you just want a decent place to drink, find out where the city’s bars and pubs are, and try out their beers and cocktails.

As you can see, vacations are not only meant for beaches and resorts; you can also have a great time in the city. The next time you’re visiting a country’s main urban destination, remember these tips. You’ll have a memorable stay for sure.

Using the ESTA Visa Waiver Application

Traveling to the United States requires certain paperwork. You will need a current passport from your country of citizenship. Depending on what your country of citizenship is, you may also need a visa or a visa waiver.

Visa waivers come from certain countries that participate in the USA visa waiver program. In order to qualify for the visa waiver, your trip will need to meet certain requirements. It must be travel round-trip from your country of origin or transit through to a non-adjacent country or territory. Your total time spent in the United States has to be less than 90 days, and the trip has to be for the purpose of business, pleasure, or transit – international students do not qualify for a visa waiver.

You must fill out an application using the ESTA visa waiver system on the Department of Homeland Security’s website. This application should only take you about 20 minutes to fill out. It costs USD$14 and you’ll need to have a credit card in order to pay this fee.

Your application can be denied even if your travel if eligible if you do not fill out the application properly. Failing to fill in a mandatory field or filling the application out inaccurately means that immigration agents will have to correct your application manually. This can lead to delays or outright denials of your waiver.

If you are denied a visa waiver, you can still qualify to travel to the US. You will simply have to apply for a full visa. This takes longer than getting a visa waiver, so plan ahead when you fill out your application. If you leave time in advance of your trip, you can fill out the required paperwork and still get your visa in time for your trip.

Visa waivers are a security measure for the people of the United States, but they aren’t that difficult for foreign travelers to obtain.

USA Visa Waivers

Frequent international travelers are usually familiar with the concept of a visa. It’s a document from the destination country stating that you have permission to travel across their borders.

Less familiar is the concept of a visa waiver. This is a program between participating nations where travelers would normally be required to have a visa but instead can apply for a waiver of this visa.

The list of USA visa waiver program countries can be found on the Department of Homeland Security’s website. In addition to the list of participating countries, the website also hosts ESTA, the Electronic System for Travel Authorization.

Would-be travelers use ESTA to apply for a USA visa waiver. Certain travelers from participating countries can use this system if their travels will have them in the US for qualifying reasons and for less than 90 days.

The ESTA application for a visa waiver is very straightforward. It takes most applicants about 20 minutes. It costs USD$14 to apply – you’ll need a credit card in order to pay this fee. You’ll also need to have on hand your current passport from your country of citizenship, your contact information, and your recent employment information.

However, just because you apply for a visa waiver and are denied doesn’t mean you have to cancel your trip. You haven’t been denied access to the United States; you have only been denied a visa waiver.

A denial just means you’ll have to go ahead and apply for a full visa. This is a longer process which is more expensive, so be sure to plan ahead. It would be awful if your travel plans were ruined due to a delay in the processing of your visa or your visa waiver.

If you want to travel to the United States, it is likely possible. You’ll just need to fill out the appropriate paperwork.

Einreise Kanada

Where To Get Information On Einreise Kanada

Would you like to travel into Canada? There are certain entry requirements that you need to have. This will require you to have a passport, and also an active visa, preferably in electronically so that will allow you to travel in the country for 90 days. If you are moving into the country, this is a completely different procedure. The one that will be discussed is all about a short visit. This is what you will find when you start to look for einreise Kanada information if you are planning on traveling to this country anytime soon.

What Do You Need To Travel Into Canada?

Requirements have changed recently for people entering into Canada, specifically for non-visa countries. These are countries where you can travel back-and-forth from your own country without having to obtain any type of visa. For example, if you are an American, and you are traveling into China, you may need to get an advanced visa. For those that are interested in traveling to Canada, you are going to need a passport, and if you are under the age of 16, you only need to show proof of US citizenship.

What If You Are Traveling In From Another Country?

Canada has what is called the Electronic Travel Authorization. This is very similar to the visa waiver program that the United States has. Essentially, these are countries that are visa exempt, allowing people to come into the country. This does not include people from the United States, or people traveling in that have a valid visa. If you do obtain one, it should be valid for five years, something that many people get if they are going to be working in Canada. You can find out more information about the einreise Kanada process online.


Guide For USA ESTA Application

The Electronic System for Travel Authorization or ESTA is an authorization system that determines whether non-US citizens are eligible for entering the country. Anyone traveling to the US by Sea or Air and is from the VWP eligible countries is required to obtain an ESTA. This is quite beneficial as you get to know your immigration status before you even book a ticket. It will also help reduce costs incurred if you are not approved i.e flight, car hire and hotel booking.

However, it is important to note that just because you have been approved for USA ESTA doesn’t ascertain entry. It only shows that you are entitled to travel to the United States and the ultimate decision for entry will be made by the Customs & Border Protection Officer. Majority of people usually gain entry, unless they haven’t reported any criminal convictions.

When applying for ESTA, expect to pay around $14. $4 is the cost of application while $10 goes towards United States Tourism. If you application happens to be rejected, you will only be charged $4 and the rest will be credited to your payment card. There are numerous sites that offer ESTA application services, but it is advisable to use the Department of Homeland & Security site only for applications. This helps ensure that you have made a legal application and avoid the extra charges that a third party website might add. MasterCard, American Express and Visa payments are all accepted for the application.
The application process might seem complicated, but that could not be further from the truth. If you have all the information in handy, the process takes around 5 minutes to complete. The site is not the most well designed, but you can choose to have the text translated to various languages.
Keep in mind that it is essential to complete the USA ESTA application before you book your flight or holiday in order to save money in case of rejection. You’ll be required to fill your Passport details, your US and Native country contact details including the address of the residence in US. You will also be asked to fill your flight number, airline as well as departure airport. Do not worry about information regarding where you will be staying as it can be amended afterwards.
When filling the USA ESTA form, keep in mind it needs to be filed on an individual basis and not in group form. However, you can apply on behalf of another person.

Head over to for more information.

Benefits Of Airport Parking Valet

Airport parking valet offers many benefits and getting quotes is easy. You can also save money by using coupons. Read on to learn more about the benefits, as well as other useful information about valet airport parking.

1. Benefits- Valet parking allows you to save more time when you arrive at the airport, and you don’t have to worry about remembering where your vehicle is parked. Another benefit is you don’t have to spend time looking for a parking space, which is nice, especially if the parking lot is congested. Not only that, but valet services usually entail curbside assistance for those with baggage. It doesn’t matter if you’re a business traveler or you are just someone who flies every now and then, you will love using valet parking services.

2. Quotes And Reservations- If you’re interested in valet parking services, then you can get quotes online. It’s actually more affordable than you think, but you will still want to get quotes from a number of companies. Some companies charge more than others, and some companies offer extensive services not offered by another company, so bear that in mind when getting quotes.

Once you find the best price, you can make reservations online. Making reservations is simple and it usually only takes a few minutes. After you make reservations, you won’t have to do anything else except show up to the airport and let the professionals park your vehicle.

3. Coupons- Generally speaking, valet parking services are very affordable, but there is a way you can save more money. You can shop around for coupons and then you can use those coupons to receive a discount from the total price. Not all companies offer coupons, but many places do, so take your time and have a look for coupons that can be used for valet parking services.

The best way to find coupons is to use the internet. All you have to do is perform a search for coupons for valet parking services at the airport you are going to fly out of. Once you find the coupons you want to use, you can print them out or follow the instructions to redeem them.

The next time you have to fly somewhere, make sure you look into using an airport parking valet service. As you can see, there are many benefits and it is affordable. Once you use valet parking, you will never go to the airport without using it again.

Take Advantage of Discounted Airport Parking

Going on holiday or even on a business trip can get expensive fast! There are so many little expenses to cover, such as insurance, parking, and shuttle fees, beyond just your travel, accommodation and spending money.

Discounted airport parking could save you a lot of money – and there are certainly plenty of ways to cut costs when it comes to parking. Airport Parking promo codes are widely available, and there are even Groupon vouchers that will help you to get the best possible deals with common airport parking companies.

Discounted airport parking is still just as good as the ‘real thing’ – after all, a parking spot is a parking spot! The only thing that you might need to think about is the dates that you are staying – read the terms and conditions on those vouchers before you buy them, to make sure that there aren’t any limitations on when you can park, or for how long.

Look at the different parking services that you see advertised, and make sure that you pick one that is near to the terminal that you are flying from; or at the very least that offers a free shuttle service so that you aren’t stuck needing to walk miles, or call a cab!

Make sure that the parking lot has CCTV and attendants, so that you know your car is safe and secure while you are parked there. You don’t want to end up coming home to find that your car has been broken into or vandalized, ruining your stay!

Most popular airport parking services provide free shuttles, but at smaller airports with only a handful of flights per day you might need to book your shuttle in advance. It’s a good idea to tip the shuttle driver, especially if you have bags, but it’s not mandatory to do so.

Always look for a discount code before you book your airport parking online, you can save between 20 and even 70 percent just by taking a few minutes to search for a code, and in some cases it’s even cheaper to get a code and go to the parking lot website than it is to register using a Groupon voucher or some other promotion. So, do your research before you open your wallet – you’ll be glad you did and you’ll become a parking pro in no time!