Indian Visa Application

Indian Visa Application: How To Get Your Visa

Are you planning to visit India for personal trips or casual business? If so, you should be able to educate yourself on how things work when it comes to applying for an Indian visa. Here are the general facts you must learn before booking your plane tickets to this country.

Regular Application

The regular process of visa application usually started with the right place to go. First, you are requested to complete your application online using the Indian tourist visa online link. You can also type the URL of the Indian government visa application in your web browser’s address bar. There are no longer hand-written application forms to be accepted by the Indian Mission/Post regardless of the facility that the process has been implemented.

All forms completed and submitted successfully will be sent to the concerned IVAC or Indian Visa Application Center. However, if IVAC is not available, you can submit them to Indian Mission/Post. Every transaction with IVAC should be done on a scheduled date for interview and presentation of other supporting documents. Proceed to the section Instructions for Regular Visa Application if you need further instructions on setting up an appointment or completing the online form. To check the status of your application, you can look for the link to Visa Enquiry. This page presents further descriptions and details of the next steps you should take.


Online application for Indian Visa allows you to upload digital photos of yourself as a part of a regular application. Such digital picture may be uploaded along with other completed documents. There are specific requirements you should meet regarding your photo. These can be the format, size, width, and height of your digital photo. The official webpage of Indian Visa Application team will tell you a detailed information on the photo requirements. See to it that you will not overlook any of such details.

Apply for an Indian visa as soon as you have finalized your travel itinerary. It can be so exciting to go on a trip, either alone or with someone else, but it is imperative to provide the travel documents necessary for your trip. This way, you will have a memorable and hassle-free travel all the time.

If you have concerns about your visa application, do not hesitate to send an e-mail or give a phone call to the Indian Mission/Post or IVAC. A professional customer support personnel will assist you in every step of the way.

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