Einreise Kanada

Where To Get Information On Einreise Kanada

Would you like to travel into Canada? There are certain entry requirements that you need to have. This will require you to have a passport, and also an active visa, preferably in electronically so that will allow you to travel in the country for 90 days. If you are moving into the country, this is a completely different procedure. The one that will be discussed is all about a short visit. This is what you will find when you start to look for einreise Kanada information if you are planning on traveling to this country anytime soon.

What Do You Need To Travel Into Canada?

Requirements have changed recently for people entering into Canada, specifically for non-visa countries. These are countries where you can travel back-and-forth from your own country without having to obtain any type of visa. For example, if you are an American, and you are traveling into China, you may need to get an advanced visa. For those that are interested in traveling to Canada, you are going to need a passport, and if you are under the age of 16, you only need to show proof of US citizenship.

What If You Are Traveling In From Another Country?

Canada has what is called the Electronic Travel Authorization. This is very similar to the visa waiver program that the United States has. Essentially, these are countries that are visa exempt, allowing people to come into the country. This does not include people from the United States, or people traveling in that have a valid visa. If you do obtain one, it should be valid for five years, something that many people get if they are going to be working in Canada. You can find out more information about the einreise Kanada process online.